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The WPHS Scholarship for Engineering has been awarded for 2016 to Andres Tandazo.

Congratulations Andres and continue the hard work.

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One Fund, Two Focuses

The David R. Cultice Memorial Fund was established to support organizations and individuals dedicated to further advancing the quality of respiratory health. Whether it is through financial contributions to various hospitals and groups such as the American Lung Association, or by directly giving financial support to a family in need of medical supplies such as nebulizers and inhalers, the DRC Memorial Fund will continually explore ways in which to improve the quality of life for those with asthma and asthma-related conditions.


The secondary purpose of the David R. Cultice Memorial Fund is to financially aid students pursuing educational goals in the field of engineering. A David R. Cultice Scholarship Award has been in place since 1999 at White Plains High School in New York, and plans for future scholarship opportunities are being developed, with a special focus on students lacking financial resources.


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