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The WPHS Scholarship for Engineering has been awarded for 2016 to Andres Tandazo.

Congratulations Andres and continue the hard work.

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Events & Awards

Inspired By Life
Fund raising events for the David R. Cultice Memorial fund will be inspired by love of music, art, nature and sport and will be achieved with a mind of celebrating life. Our goal is to have contributors and attendees be moved by the beauty of the arts, physical performance or simply by the idea of enhancing another life. All associated with the DRC Memorial Fund would like to thank past contributors for their generosity and kindness.


White Plains High School Annual Engineering Award
The David R. Cultice Award for Engineering is given in memory of David Cultice, who graduated from WPHS in 1982. It is given by his parents and two brothers, Daniel and Nathan, who also graduated from White Plains High. It is intended to be given to a White Plains graduate who has been accepted into a bachelor's degree program in engineering. In addition to the student's achievements in high school, emphasis is placed on interests and activities similar to David's. David's career interest was robotical engineering; however, he loved the outdoors and in 1995, bicycled across the united states from Washington state to Virginia. His other activities were crewing for MIT, hiking, cello, and visiting art museums.

2016 Winner: Andres Tandazo
2015 Winner: Luke Saville
2014 Winner: Shamus Cardon
2013 Winner: Jack Dunning
2012 Winner: Adam Basson
2011 Winner: Daniel Petralia
2010 Winner: Rodolfo Ramirez
2008 Winner: Ann Migliaccio
2006 Winner: Shanice Tharkur
2005 Winner: Gloria Rosa Enciso
2004 Winner: Cheryl Mae Velasco
2003 Winner: John Coulter
2002 Winner: Jason Karp
2001 Winner: William Coulter
2000 Winner: Danijel Gostovic


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